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I want to buy a software for tactrix cable . I saw on this forum that Epifan EcuEdit is good for Subarus ,but i can't decide on the software version. EcuEdit Pro or ProExt? The only difference is that Proext have 'Custom security access (lock) for 32bit Subaru ECUs, including CAN-equipped cars' . Can someone explain what this means? I contact Epifan support but they reply : "sorry ,i can't help'

Sounds like the Proext has the ability to password protect your tune. Only reason for this would be so the end user or potentially another tuner cannot modify your tune without the password you set. Only benefit i can see is to stop people from modifying the tune and damaging something, loading back in the original file, and then blaming you. However most reputable tuners i know of don't lock their tunes, and the one local i know of that does isn't highly regarded.