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Target AFR or Target Mass airflow

Practical Reflash Tuning

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Hi Andre,

Am a little bit confuse and I hope you can try to help me out here.

How do we know the exact amount of the Target AFR on open loop. Does this depend on the engine we are running. I just purchase a flashpro and am driving an FN2 Type R. I want to get some more information regarding those target number before I start with anything.

Will appreciate some more precisions on this topics.


I'd suggest taking a look at our Understanding AFR course if you haven't already. there is no single AFR that you must tune every engine to under WOT and it's going to depend on your engine, fuel and application. For a N/A K20 I'd suggest you'll likely end up in the 13.0-13.2:1 region on pump gas. Some engines like to run richer as it allows a little more timing to be used due to the cooling affect of the fuel on the combustion charge temperature.

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