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Ok, So recently I've just finished my engine build on my EA113 VW engine, We lowered the compression (from 10.5:1 to 9.5:1), we also added a high flowing intake manifold (integrated engineering), as well as a Twinscroll GTX2867R. Now so heres where I've made an error, not really knowing of any probable issues. I left the old can tune (Revo Stage 3) on it just to run it around town, didn't think it would have any effects like this I have been driving the car around just to get some break in miles on it when I noticed excessive heat from the foot well.... Only to look and find my exhaust manifold glowing hot as if I've been beating on it on track for a couple hours.... This is not normal. Stopped driving it. And I've just let it sit, I've yet to download my new (Eurodyne) software which I'm going to today and start to look at whats going on.

Now from what I've read this could be a couple things. Incorrect air fuel (even though my Wideband seemed to be reading a little richer than usual but still pretty standard), ignition timing thats way too retarded (which I'm leaning towards), and too much back pressure in the exhaust manifold (since I have not been getting into boost levels high enough to open the gate 5-10PSI).

Looking for feedback, hoping to hear things soon.

Hello i am not familiar with the ignition of this engines set up/ adjustment but I would start with checking the timing all the checks you have listed are simple quick checks to do, but also i would be double-checking the cam timing as the timing shouldn't have moved unless it is adjustable like a distributor.

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