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Toyota fuel and spark tables

Practical Reflash Tuning

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Hi, I've taken the Practical Reflash Course, and familiar with tuning VE based stand-alone aftermarket ECUs. I'm trying to understand the OEM strategies used in these Toyota ECUs , for example 2AZFE.

I'm using Bit Edit software to see the few available maps.

I have figured out the MAF scaling, but struggling to understand the values & logic in the maps . e.g. Injection Efficiency, Enrich in Open and closed loop, Target filling, High and low Octane Spark maps (values seem inverted?) etc.

In several tables i'm not sure what the values represent, nor how they relate to other tables.Some values seem inverted also, similar to the 'Equivalency Ratio' topic discussed in the course.

Also some maps have 3 or 4 tables, trying to correlate each to open/closed loop, decel, etc.

I am testing small changes in these maps on my own, but any information on these ECUs in general would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Hello mate,

I think we are on the same exact boat. No one came through for my post either so I deleted it. I am using gen 1 and petrol denso 3 for my modules for the box and edit. Have you requested an update through the edit software. I did and it opened up tons of more option for maps. I also went through all the maps looking through the axis, labels, coefficients. A lot is missing I also send it a second update request to them. Regardless I haven't started tuning anything because to be honest I dont have anything to log with yet to start experimenting. Also some of maps do look incomplete but I could be wrong. I wish I too had some one to give me a helping hand to guide me through my maps options I have to work with. Also being a complete novice into the tuning scene apart from the courses on here its still not enough. I guess just jump into it until you blow something up.lol I will be treading the same waters so..

Here are all the captions of the maps available in zip format if anyone would be interested in giving us some tips and guidance. I assume geerbox has the same maps.

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What have you learned on your own? Could you write a description of how you "think" it works, and we could discuss whether that makes sense.

The effort to disassemble the code in your ECU/Roms and reverse engineer the strategies used is huge. Only a dedicated enthusiast would likely do that. Often the best place for that is very specific enthusiast forums. Here is an example thread from the Mazda Miata NC forum where one guy has taken on understanding the ECU to the extent that he discovered many of the tables used by the most popular reflash software ECUTek have been mislabeled. The pro Tuners had figured this out, but the poor individual was completely lost.


Unless there is sufficient information about the OEM ECU (such as the support for GM & Ford ECUs with tools like HP Tuners), what the rest of use do, is we fit and tune aftermarket standalone ECUs :)

Sorry you haven't found anyone there that can help with your Toyota ECUs.

Thank you David.

Sorry I didn't see this reply sooner. I don't know shiz about the ins and outs of how all these tuning platforms are put together. I took most of the courses here and wanted to tackle a bit of tuning practice. It all looked easy enough thanks to the guys here at hp for doing an great job breaking down the black magic barrier. However, after looking through the maps its like wow where do I start? Looks nothing like hp tuners or ecutek etc. Hint boxes would be nice. Furthermore, I really have not grasp all the main maps and compensations functions to play around easily as I thought. Maybe I do need to dig deeper. Btw aftermarket its not an option. Its a 2008 sienna with automatic trans. (Dont ask or judge.lol) I looked into Link kurofune piggyback that still not a great option and next to little or no support else where for older cans unless I invest big money. I will dig around the net more maybe someone has more answers and guidance I can read on.