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Practical Reflash Tuning

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Hi Andre! Great course so far :)

On this vehicle we stayed with stock injectors, and this is a reflash so the OE transients are likely mostly on point, at least under NA levels of load - however especially with the larger airflow now is there any process you go through to look at transient performance? Maybe deliberately making large throttle changes and watching the AFR (or even knock) activity to adjust things such as transient fueling or tip-in timing adjustments? This is kind of a broad question, but wondering if you have general tips for how you would generate log files of these events and what you are looking for to deem them good or in need of adjustment. Thanks!

Edit: realized that this goes into the forum under the course, not the particular module - I am referring to the MAF/Injector scaling module of the BRZ worked example.

Edit again! Well you covered this in a later module - I will leave this up in case you had anything else to add :)

Sounds like I answered your questions in the end! Happy I helped :)

Thanks :)

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