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Tuning LS engines to suit camshaft upgrade

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Hey guys just wondering if you'd consider adding a section to this course which would show the required technique for reflashing LS engines with an upgraded camshaft? A section which would cover the extra steps and slightly different tuning technique to get the best results and driveability out of the car.

Yes absolutely! It's on our list. Just need to find a suitable donor vehicle in our area first.

Excellent I'll keep an eye out. Something I'm struggling with is being able to richen the closed loop target. I'm told by VCM it can't be changed and is hard coded?

That would be nice.

Hey TunedPerf, of course you can change it, Fuel Tab, General sub tab, Stoichiometry, its not advisable because it will cause it to run richer everywhere. Go to Idle tab, Airflow sub tab, Base Running Airflow table and increase by 30% and it should give you more air to help stabilize the idle and also make it richer by the way of commanding more air. This table should be enough to get you where you want to be but if not. You can go to Fuel tab, Open Closed Loop tab, Closed loop Proportional Idle tables can be used to move the basic AFR. As they form the O2 Error Window, by raising the table values toward the richer side, the overall engine AFR can be pushed toward the rich side (lowered AFR). Hope that helps.

The issue you have with closed loop is that the narrow band sensors can only be effective at 14.7:1, hence if you target anything other than that the closed loop system, can't operate. This is probably what VCM Suite were referencing.

Hey TP, if you are still having idle fueling issues, you can command open loop PE at idle and use your PE EQ ratio to richen that area up.