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Tuning WOT with STFT

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Hi... I watched Andre's video on Ford F150 MAF scaling.. And saw that he did WOT tuning with the STFT still running? I understand from AFR lesson that we usually goes into Open Loop when doing WOT runs... May i know what is the benefit of doing that?

I believe he mentioned using either way on that particular setup due to it having a factory wideband that he tested against his known good wideband and trusted the readings. So he could either use fuel trims (already output as a percentage so thats nice) or disable closed loop and watch AFR vs target.

In the AFR lessons its a more generic lesson where you don't always have the factory wideband and closed loop control and have to go off an external wideband for your readings and work out the trim percentages for yourself to apply to your MAF/VE tables.

Hope that helps!