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Unknown injector fuel scaling

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So I have seen in several modules mentioned the importance of the proper injector information & I understand the necessity for the ECU that requires the full injector characterization info BUT it seems that it is a very realistic expectation to get a very good tune on an ECU such as a Subaru by taking extra care to properly rescale the MAF and closely monitor the wideband AFR. Am I right on this or is there something I am overlooking?

P.S. This is the best online training I have ever participated in! Great work guys

Hey Jeff, the importance of injector data is very dependent on the specific ECU you're tuning and how thoroughly the injector characterisation is handled. For a Subaru ECU it's not actually that complex and to be honest, the scaling and latency data will not align specifically with the numbers from a manufacturer like ID anyway. on the other hand if you're dealing with a late model GM or Ford ECU then you need a LOT more data (such as short pulse width adders, high slope/low slope and break points and many more) and without the correct data you'll have a compromised tune at best.

With the Subaru ECU it's a case of following the steps taught in the course in this module here: