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Upscale VVT intake and exhaust map

Practical Reflash Tuning

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I'm going to supercharge a GT86, i do find the worked example in the practical flash tuning very helpful.

however, i still have some questions about configuring the base file. do i have upscale the engine load and rpm in VVT intake and Exhaust map if I'm going to tune the VVT timing?

Do i have to configure the fuel enrichment map? If yes, how should i configure it?

Thank you!

You don't need to modify the load axis of the VVT tables unless you plan to alter the VVT timing at higher load levels. If you run off the end of the load scale the VT just stays at the last value which realistically is absolutely fine.

Can you screen shot the specific fuel enrichment map you're referring to please? Essentially the tables that I deal with in the base table configuration are the ones that need attention though.

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