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VAG Lambda datalogging (ME7-MED9)

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Hey Folks.

Does anybody know, how i can use the actual data from loggin Bosch ecu channels, from a ME7 or MED9/17 as example on a VAG TSI/TFSI, to avoid installing all time an external Lambdatool?

I can log target lambda and actual reading, but as example VCDS doesnt show as Lambda or as AFR value, but as voltage i guess, whis on a LSU sensor, doesnt give you an usefull data, as i would need actual mAh , and not voltage to caluclate Lambda value?

Or am i just messing around? I would apreciate for those ecus, to not need an external Lambdatool...if Diag could do the thing.

Best regards. Sandro

In some ecus, vcds shows target and actual lamda. In some others it shows voltage and you need to put external wideband to help you out.

Yes, i saw some.. showing up as voltage, if you swap the mouse over the channel, but looks more like target an actual lambda than voltage..but wasnt sure...

Ok, so for the others, only the lambda tool will be the point. Thx for the quick reply.

what software are you using to read the ECU?

Normally i use VCDS, or VAGCOM (old name), as this is a very accurate tool to log propperly VAGs , but as mentioned...sometimes it doesnt tell you really if it displays voltage, or maybee the unsure...and even for Stage1 tunes, and being sure all works fine...i use an lambdatool..but its frustratin...

Can you post a log?