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Vag med9.1

Practical Reflash Tuning

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I'm working in vag group car.

I learned alot from you but i can't see any vag group.

I started my tuning with bosch med9.1.

What is load with %?

Can you help me to understand that?

Bosch Motronic load is kind of weird, its relative of current cylinder charge compared to cylinder charge at standard density. This is more succinct than I could be:


I've played around with some older ME stuff so my knowledge of 9.1 specifics is nil but this is a good resource for someone just getting involved even though its targeted at the ME7 and its variants.

For a first timer you can define load as an approximation for boost.

The model which the Motronic uses for load gets translated to requested boost at the end after being multiplied and capped by other tables.

The S4 Wiki explains this intensively.

Always remember you can translate load to requested boost using this approximation (requested boost "mbar" =10*(LDRXN)+300mbar) where LDRXN is the maximum specified load.

Refrence https://s4wiki.com/wiki/Tuning#Load_to_boost_conversion (Specifically to the S4 ME7 but the concepts applies to the MED9.1 and MED17)

Feel free to call me if you need help. I'm studying in the same exact area (+201000922522)