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Vcm scanner not reading requested logs

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What would cause the vcm scanner to not work properly or read properly, my car used to show the stft + ltft under the math in the graphs and it will not show values anymore (Ford Mustang). Also on a 2018 z06 Corvette when I try to log the timing using the scanner, the default table will move around but as soon as I change it to cylinder airmass it will stay on 0.08 (the lowest from the copy and paste from the timing table) it will move through the rpm range normal. Both cars are fairly stock, exhaust changes and cold air intake. I have tried setting the graphs up before connecting to the cars and while connected, close and restart the vcm scanner, restart computer, slap computer with no change.

It sounds like you're just not logging the required PIDs in the channel list. In order for a channel to display in the charts or the histograms you need to add it as a PID in the channel list too.