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VVE Table with boost

Practical Reflash Tuning

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hi all, I have a 2010 ve r8 clubsport, it currently has a 427ci with vcm custom grind cam and lsa heads, currently tuned with hp tuners in sd mode. it is a mafless tune.I am about to put twin turbo's on it and not sure how to get my vve table to expand into a range to cover the boost kpa. when the table is enlarged to cover boost how will I fill it?

I set up mine up to 315kpa, but still I dont have wide band so I used LTFT and STFT . As what they say more acurate if you have wideband afr.

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Just to be clear, when you say SD mode, are you relying on the VVE tables or are you using a custom SD OS inside HP Tuners? I'll continue on the assumption you're using the VVE tables.

The VVE table is calculated so essentially you can use any break points on the MAP axis you want and the coefficients will calculate the GM VE value based on MAP and rpm. In the VVE editor if you click on the 'MAP' axis and then click on the 'default' box, you can select 3 default MAP scalings - 10-105 kPa, 10-210 kPa or 10-315 kPa. These should cover your requirements.

@AVEPOWER I've used the fuel trims myself with reasonable results although a wideband is obviously superior for accuracy. The biggest drawback however is that the fuel trims are only useful in closed loop operation. As soon as you move into PE the fuel trims are useless to you so you're going to need a wideband one way or another to tune the WOT areas so why not incorporate it into your entire tune?

got a dyno run done on the car today, afr is not looking to good. will be keeping foot of the throttle until I can get it sorted. I am going through the courses now but not yet confident to touch my tune. I have noticed that there is no PE working and all trims are not displaying on the scanner, car has fairly big cam in it.

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