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Hi there. So if I understand correctly, when extracting the ECU for reflashing, a factory ROM file is initially extracted. To make this workable and tune-able a definition file is required to make sense of the hexadecimal code?

How and where can I learn to make my own definition code?

I am looking for a versatile and reliable reflashing software (and/or hardware) for the following makes: Audi, VW, BMW, Mercedes & Porsche.

I understand there may not be one software that fits all. I found a company called bFlash that looks like it may be what im looking for. Does anyone have any experience or knowledge about this company?

I'm sorry we don't offer any training on finding maps in a raw hex file. I don't know what I could suggest but you may be best to research winols as this is what most people use for reverse engineering factory maps.

You can use ecm titanuem Its good software for tune fuel and ignition + rev limiter , speed limiter as well .

@Andre: No problem, I understand that there are no courses for that over here. What reflashing software would you suggest for the brands of cars that ive specified?

@chevy1j: Yea that is one of the softwares im considering now. Have you used it for long?

Have either of you heard of bFlash?

I would suggest using ECM titanium as a beginner, as the maps are already configured with the axis labelled. Therefore, you can just adjust maps to suit.

If you are using WinOLS, you have to search the raw data in order to identify the maps, identify the axis, adjust the data in order to have half a clue what you are looking at.

So in summary, WinOLS is for those who are deemed advanced and ECM titanium would be for the beginner.

Hi Josh. Thanks for the answer mate. Okay, I will take note of ECM titanium. How long have you been using ECM titanium for? Is road tuning possible or only datalogging? Can you suggest some wideband lambda and knock sensors that are compatible with ECM titanium for datalogging?

I started using ECM titanium in order to identify maps on WinOLS when i was just looking at unknown data.

The issue with Reflash tuning, often the data is not live. You simply adjust the data and then flash it on the vehicle.

However, some vehicles allow data logging using ODB II devices.

Then you will have to make note of logged data, apply to the map then finally, reflash.

I started by slowly increasing the values, I then rented a local dyno, monitored AFR and det cans, then adjusted the map to finalise.

It is certainly a long process, but experience will prevail.

Ok that sounds smart. So you started with ECM Titanium and WinOLS. What do you mean by det cans?

By det cans i mean Earphones using an analogue system, if you google it, you will see how to build some.

But this requires to understand what detention sounds like.

If you need a hand identifying maps etc please do not hesitate to ask.

Thanks Josh, I will give you a shout when I need help identifying maps. Is "AR Motorsport" your garage in the UK?