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What knock voltage readings is a cause for concern?

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I'm reflashing a MK6 Golf R with a hybrid turbo for the first time and i'm monitoring knock using VCDS live data read. The knock voltage rises equally on all cylinders to about 0.800 volts. I'm not sure whether this level of knock can damage the engine. I have a feeling that this is only engine noise as it seems quite low but someone with more experience can advise me better.

My IAT temps are around 40-50 degrees and i'm not pushing the car past 5000rpm on the dyno as I don't want to damage the engine.

Please advise?

Many thanks,

The actual voltage is basically irrelevant as this will depend on the mechanical noise in the engine. What you're looking for is any significant spikes that exceed the background noise level. Regardless of the platform I'd always recommend confirming knock levels using audio knock detection so you can actually know when knock is occurring.

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