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Where can I find tuning principles for Dodge/Chrysler Vehicles?

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I currently use HP Tuners software and I am looking for intermediate to advanced tuning principles for Dodge vehicles. I find a lot of information for GM with this tuning suite, but not for Dodge. Any help pointing me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

There's definitely less info on Chrysler stuff because the community isn't as big as GM and Ford. Basically though the ideas are more similar to other American OEMs than say a Subaru. One of the major differences is the artificial neural network used to calculate airflow on more recent engines with VVT. The Chrysler control system is a type of speed density. More info is here, scroll all the way down

Can you tell us details on the project, and post the stock tune and your current working tune?

great, thanks!! now I understand the principle behind Dodge PCMs a little better ... still will be a fun challenge to get it going on next weeks project - a 2017 Ram 1500, equipped with a supercharger ;)