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Wideband AFR Meter/Gauge Connection for Data Logging

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Data Logging, how to connect an external wideband AFR meter or output of a wideband gauge to the logging software.

Two situations:

One - Using Cobb Access port for logging, how to connect analog output of Innovate MTX-L Plus gauge to either the ECU or Cobb access port? Expecting that wideband O2 sensor will be added to exhaust as 3rd sensor, this is on a 2005 Subaru WRX. Or should I use the Innovate LogWorks software for logging? If so, same question, how to get the wideband analog output into the logging software?

Second is using Tactrix 2.0 connected to ODB2, how to get LM-2 output into the logging software or into the Tactrix port?