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Wideband Quick Setup

Practical Reflash Tuning

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Quick Question, if the car doesnt have a wideband from factory and i am going to install one and wire into my logger, whats the best approach in terms of wiring/cabling path? Can i just pull it straight through any whole into the passenger compartment or even going through the window or how do you guys handle it?

When I have to run an external wideband controler (I use the AEM In-Line controler (30-0310) connected via serial in my laptop) I try to use the shortest path possible and I use painter's tape to secure the cable on the windshield as I'm trying not to route it over painted area of the body. Usually route it from the back of the hood thru a window. I do most of the tuning on my dyno and just confirm the tune on the road at the end, so I don't drive for a long time on the road. I also live in the countryside so I don't meet a lot of people driving during my road test.

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