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Wot tuning

Practical Reflash Tuning

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HI All

After steady state tuning in done and put back in closed loop Can you do wot tuning from closed loop as it gos into open loop in Wot any way

Hi Justin,

Can you provide a little bit more context please?

Generally you can tune the base fuel table (open loop) closed loop mode, your target becomes reducing the fuel trip percentage; the theory being that if the trim value is 0% then the base map is on target.

Hi Scotty88

I have been try to get my maf close as in opene loop it was sitting at .94 lambda an my wideband its taking a bit to get steady state close as the log i do in the morning as different to the one in the after noon and intake temp same engine temp same coolnt same different readings i get it close to lambda then next time it changes so I set it to the morning . I want to put it back to closed loop. I have done WOT run but at 187 ks in third gear I had the cops hanging around so I was wondering if I'm driving in closed loop with my scanner running and find some were can I do an Wot log from closed loop.


After I got my cam and tune done I didn't like the way it was running when I got it back thay did take it from 250 rwkw to 303 rwks but as os good around town. multiple misfires stalling splattering on take off and no speed density tune to cope with the cam down low at idle it jumps between 2 to 3 Hz areas on my. Eq Err scanner . This is why I got a wideband and a mpvi2 and took up your corse . Now Trying to get maf right so from 1500rpm to 6400rpm on maf and have SD from idle to 1500rpm. As soon as i have maf right will move on to sd witch is still stock going from the stock file I got from hptuners.

Just a bit of history of the car its a ve 6.0ltr otr and dod delete and 3" cat back

What cam is in it? There's a chance there is too much overlap for the MAF to read correctly at low RPM.

The ECU will go into power enrichment or open loop at the set parameters in the Power enrichment tab (Throttle position and RPM delay) regardless of if the ecu is in open loop at idle/low load.

Hi Ben

It's got a VCM5SC cam put in when DoD delete was done

So nothing over the top by any means.

Bit hard to say whats going on with limited info, should be okay to use the MAF with that cam even at idle.

If you've paid for a tune already I'd be speaking to them about your concerns.

We usually reply within 12hrs (often sooner)

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