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4G63 Knock Sensor

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I am currently building a new motor and fitting the car with the Link ECU PNP on my 2003 Evo 8. I was previously tuned with Open source and I was able to set up some fail safes with the oem knock sensor to flash the check engine light on low knock (2-4) and to cut boost if i hit 6-8.

When I look at the knock configuration it does not appear to be set up. I found this confusing since this is marketed as a plug and play. So I have a few questions.

1. is the oem knock sensor adequate or do i need to but the link knock sensor?

2. If i use the oem i see posted that i should be using narrow band at 6khz but I don't see mention of any other settings. If I enable this will it automatically pull timing or do i need to tune this like in open source?

3. Can I enable knock light using the check engine or something else?


1. Yes.

2. You need to tune all knock settings to suit the engine noise profile, Typically using audio equipment to confirm what is real knock. There is a webinar on this process. It is best to tune the engine first, then tune knock control once you have a tune with no knock.

3. If it is a G4X then you can use the "knock level detected" parameter to trigger whatever you like. If G4+ then it is a little less flexible for a warning light. There are knock level or knock count parameters but they arent ideal options for a warning trigger.

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