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97 jeep tj wrangler setting base fuel and pe

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Ive read through the forums and still cant find the answer to my problem. I am working with a 97 jeep wrangler tj. Its the 4 banger 2.5l model but it was stroked to a 3.1l, has slightly larger injectors, 1.7:1 roller rockers up from the stock 1.6:1 stamped steel rockers, ported and polished intake, ported and polished larger throttle body off a 4.0l, short header, and larger tires but geared properly. It runs good but is lacking power. So my question is when tuning the main fuel table I turned off closed loop, disabled decel fuel cut, disabled power enrichment, and retarded the timing 3*. I am using hp tuners so i logged my aem afr gauge through the pro link and made a hysterogram using afr rpm and map in kpa just like the main fuel table. I now have all good values up to where pe normally kicks in at wot or very high map values. so my question is do i set my main fuel table to stoch through out and then use the pe table to add fuel when needed above what ever kpa it is set to or do I set the main fuel table to what i want the afr to be at at a given rpm and map? Seems that if I do the latter then add to the pe table its going to make it way too rich? Im just not grasping the concept here at all? If needed I can supply pictures of the tables from the vcm editor and scanner. Also am I targeting a smooth transition from stoch to full fuel enrichment slowly or should it be a quick transition? Any ideas what full enrichment should be in this application 12.5, 13.0, 13.5.... or lambda .85, .88, .91...?

Thanks in advance.

My 2.5 afr at wot is 12.5 -12.8 sir.. it is on a tropic country

Air temp arround 30-35 C

I am using megasquirt on 2.5L Jeep

4.0L i am using haltech, and unichip sometimes.

Hope it helps

I do plenty jeeps of those years my friend those j tec under 2001 run with out going in tu pe at least i havent had one that does go in to pe so you only tune the base fuel map with egr off witch is the only one that they run all the time and use the principal of the higher the load the ritcher the mixture has to be and thats it

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