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AFR differences based on ramp runs

Road Tuning

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Hi, during ramp runs beginning at 2500-3000 RPM I have the AFRs dialed in relatively well but during WOT pulls beginning at higher RPM (4800ish) the AFRs end up approximately .3-.4 AFR leaner. has anyone experienced this or have any way to mitigate this? car in question is an R32 GTR with Haltech PNP ecu using VE fuel based on TPS. Fuel Injector Clinic 850cc injectors.

I'll try to get some logs later today or sometime this week.

I'm not sure I understand specifically? Are you saying that if you complete a ramp run at 3000 rpm your AFR is ok but if you extend the ramp run further then the AFR at the same rpm (3000 for example) is changing?

Are you using a load bearing dyno for the ve tuning?

During ramp runs beginning in lower rpm range such as 3000rpm the afr is fine.

While driving around in any given gear if I go wide open throttle beginning at a higher rpm my afrs end up a little leaner than what I achieved during the low rpm ramp run.

I hope that makes sense. The car itself feels great in all areas. This was all done without a dyno.

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