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Any tricky way to calibrate Charge Cooling Gain on the road?? (MoTeC M1)

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It can be very challenging to keep a car stable enough to get good data for the charge cooling gain table. This is primarily geared towards flex fuel because we need good charge cooling data for multiple ethanol contents. If we know we have a good number in the table for a certain ethanol content would it be possible to fill out other sections of the table (as ethanol content changes) by utilizing the fuel trim data and correcting the charge cooling gain numbers until there is minimal fuel trims?

In my own experience the charge cooling gain really needs to be set on the dyno under steady state conditions. It would be possible although tricky to do this on the road with a helper to make adjustments to the target lambda and see how close you're getting to the new target. I don't believe that you'd get great results from relying on the trims as there may be multiple reasons for a trim to be present other than just the effect of the charge cooling gain. Remember that in a VE based fuel model we are calculating mass air flow rather than directly measuring it and for this to be 100% accurate all of the necessary corrections must also be perfect. Even in the most complete fuel models there is inevitably some degree of error.

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