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hi I'm having some issue with engine stalling when revving or when pressing clutch when coming to a stop, engine is an rb25det with nismo 740cc inj stock maf

have you done the idle learn procedure?

yes i did, car idles good, just when revving and coming to a stop that the clutch must be depressed the rpm goes down and it stalls, it doesn't pick up the idle in time

What are your F/C1 and 2 set at? it might be worth increasing these to re-start injection earlier on deceleration

i have them set to 1000 and idle is at 800

i'll try raising them higher and see

I don't normally see this issue on the RB25 but some of the Nissan engines are very sensitive to reversion through the MAF as you come to a stop. Watch where the live trace goes as you have this stalling occur. If the load suddenly increases as you put the clutch in and the revs are dropping then this may be the problem. This is normally a result of an aftermarket turbo with a shortened intake length between the MAF and the compressor inlet, a BOV that is either too tight, or dumping to atmosphere, or a combination of the above.

wel yes the guy has the maf sensor very close to the turbo and it's an gt30,

If you can temporarily add an extension to the inlet and try that out you may get a noticeable improvement. It should be obvious if that's your issue though by watching where the map tracer goes under the conditions you're having stalling occur.

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