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Base ignition maps?

Road Tuning

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You mention in the Road tuning - Table configuration video that you have provided a list of base ignition maps for various engines, but I can’t seem to find it anywhere?

Hey there Borge, do you mean on this module? - https://www.hpacademy.com/dashboard/courses/road-tuning/base-table-configuration-ignition-table-configuration

If so, note the link at the bottom, and if you mean something else, let us know via the specific link and we can get it sorted.

Would Love to see those as well

i was also just about to make a post about this. Andre shows that for fuel table correction on road tuning. once the values for idle are correct we can simply make a 2% change per 10 kpa and copying that down for the load axis, and for the rpm axis we should guess where peak torque is and add 2% of fuel either side of the rpm range of our peak torque guesstimate copy that across all the way back until we get to our idle which we know is correct.


when the video gets to optimizing the ignition table he shows that he has already done it on the 350z, does not explain how he came up with those numbers and then says that he will provide base ignition maps for naturally aspirated and turbocharger engines.

would be nice to see those maps and have some type of calculation or formula on how to get those numbers without a dyno

Same here, I'm actually searching for them now and came across this post

You might try one of the resources like the spreadsheet found here:

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