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Calculation of VE based fuel table

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Hi Andre,

I want to know how to calculate the values of the VE based fuel table , I have learned from the "EFI tuning fundamental " coarse how to calculate the pulse width but this table is different. can you please show me how to fill the VE based fuel table by calculation.

thank you for the great coarses

Tuning a VE table is done the same as tuning a pulse width system, if your VE value in the cell you are tuning is 50 and you need to add 5%, i.e. lambda value is 1.05 when you are targeting lambda 1, you do 50*1.05 = 52.5, so your new cell value is 52.5

If you're talking about developing a complete and accurate VE table purely by calculation based off engine specifications then this isn't something I ever contemplate. Ultimately in my experience this is not possible to do with enough accuracy to be worthwhile and unless you're dealing with a particular combination that you've developed and tuned multiple times, some level of guess work is going to be required in a calculated VE table. You're far better to simply tune the VE table as you go as taught in our courses.

Thank you Andre and Chris for your replies,

I don't want to get 100 percent accurate results I know it's hard to achieve. I want to get results that are close to the final fuel table setting in the video.

All I can tell you is as a professional engine tuner who did this every working day for the better part of 15 years, not one time did I sit down and attempt to calculate the engine VE prior to hitting the dyno - I built up the VE tables in real time on the dyno as demonstrated in the courses we offer. In my own opinion the guesswork or assumptions that you're going to put into calculating the VE are likely to add so much error that the end result is of limited use anyway.

I was confused because I'm beginner tuner , but now you made things clear for me .

Thank you Andre.