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Cold running on SD

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Hey Andre,

With the EVO's I've noticed that when you go SD the car has a cold running performance issue. I'm not sure what table I need to adjust to correct this issue.

To describe what I am experiencing. Right after staring car ( cold ) as you drive at light throttle its like the car has no power unless you press the throttle more. Watching the AF gauge the car stays around 14.7 at idle and light throttle, and then jumps to 10.8 if I press the throttle more. Its jerky like its running lean then the fuel goes poring in and the power comes flowing.

When its warmed up the car does not do this. At light throttle the car begins to add fuel.

All I am looking for is what tables I should be looking at to adjust this area.

I've attached 2 snap shots of my fuel tables I can adjust on the stock ECU.



Attached Files

Sorry Justin my experience with SD patches on the Mitsubishi EVO platform is very limited - Non existent on the EVO X.

The problem with some of these patches is that the ECU was not originally designed to run like this so often there are some things going on in the back ground that add up to cause odd behaviour. Ultimately this may mean that the problem is not fixable but beyond that trying to get a better result will come down to trial and error and a lot of logging.

If it's only an issue during cold start I would tend to look at the ECT comp maps as a first place to try making adjustments. The easiest option is to make a dramatic change so you can be confident of noticing the difference. Since it's a cold start issue this makes matters more complex as you only get maybe 1-2 shots at testing it each day.

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