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Configuring Base Ignition Timing from Scratch

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Hi guys, I am very new to tuning, this is my first project and I am a little confused as to what to do with my ignition map.

I have an L28et which I have added an intercooler to, otherwise I think its stock and stock 5-6psi boost. I calibrated the base timing to 10 deg (Or as close to it as I could see on the pulley) and I have my timing set at 4 degrees in idle - I have no IACV connected to this and was the only was I could stop the rpm increasing out of my prefferred speed.

Now the rest of my map is set at 10 degrees, I have the fueling to an acceptable point, the car drives well and from what I can tell with my Phormula audio knock detection, I can't hear any knock up to redline, or in steady state while tuning the fuel map. I'm driving up to 6500rpm wot and my knock levels are really low - I have the gain @ 7 Or 8 in the pc link software and my knock levels are around 30-50 at idle and max I'm getting is around 70-80 whilst doing a ramp run - and only 1 or 2 instances in total of this. I'm not sure if these numbers seem right, but I set the gain so I have some numbers whilst idling. I'm also not getting the growth of noise you would expect (30-40 idle, 300-400 6000rpm) it is basically super flat and low knock levels in the ecu knock detection.

So I guess my questions are - how do I start to build my ignition map other than wot ramp runs considering I have no base numbers to start from? (As in no safe starting map)

And should my noise levels be greater than what I'm seeing or is this a case of my timing being so flat that a super low knock detection is normal?

Thanks for reading and your help!