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Hi Guys.

Just a quick question. Can I log unsupported vehicle whit HP tunners MPVI2 and VCM scanner?

I am not able to log injector pulswidth and so on, whit the basic ODB bluetooth adapter and Torque app on my Lotus Elise CUP 250.

Any suggestion? what should i Use?

I have just installed the 2Bular manifold and sport cat and TRD airbox. I have a Innovate LM2 in use. So I can log whit the LM2 from ODB, but very limited options. I have whit the new setup around 10% more airflow...

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The VCM Scanner can scan basically any OBD2 vehicle so you should be able to use this. I can't say what PIDs will be available to scan though.

My Experience with VCM Scanner is Actually great with various vehicles. As long they use CAN, no log on K-line based Vehicles.