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Hey everyone! Can someone please explain to me what exactly Decel cut does? Im slowly learning my haltech and came across Decel RPM and Decel Delay. Whats the difference between the two? Thanks!

Decel cut will turn off the injectors under certain conditions when off the gas/in decel mode

Decel RPM will relate to the rpm in which you have to be above for the decel cut to operate and which rpm the injectors will switch back on.

Decel delay is the time in which the decel cut will begin after all other parameters are enabled.


Throttle position 1%

RPM 1800rpm

Delay .5 seconds

When the car is below 1 % throttle and above 1800rpm it will wait .5 seconds before going into decel cut mode and turning off the injectors. When the ecu sees more than 1% throttle or the engine drops below 1800rpm the injectors will turn back on.

Decel cut is used to save gas and aid in engine braking/decel down a hill etc

Andre has covered this in a webinar for a Motec M1, if your ECU is different it's still the same principle, usually just different titles and ways of working: