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I watched the road tuning and found it helpful

i tend to recall there was also a course for dyno tuning, was there ever one?

I have never used a dyno and want to hire it for half day so can get ignition timing sorted and want to make best of use of the time rather than learning how dyno works and ups and downs/ how to operate it etc


The EFI Tuning course has a whole section on dyno basics, and dyno operation is also discussed during a number of tuning courses since it is a useful tool in the calibration process.

I suggest taking a look at the HPA Starter package. It's a great price and covers the info you're looking for, plus more you'll need to know as you get into the tuning process.


I'd suggest the understanding the tuning, and the way the dyno' operates, go hand in hand.

When you understand what the dyno' does, how it works, and the ways it can be used, you will be able to make better use of it for your tuning.

Similar to fully understanding how your tuning software works, and how the changes made affect the engine, will allow you to make rapid changes, rather than work your way through menus you may not be quite sure what they do, and work with each other for the actual tuning of the engine.

As an aside, as well as the usual spare sparkplugs (of the grade you want or colder), general hand tools, additional fuel, oil, coolant, etc. I'd suggest you make a note of everything you want to check, adjust, etc. in a notebook, which can also be used to note down what the changes did - it's VERY easy to end up fixated on something when there is something else that is really where one should be focussing.

TBH, I'm a bit leary of someone new to tuning trying to do everything themselves, the first time - it doesn't mean you can't, but if you make some sort of agreement that you can ask some questions and/or get help setting up, it may save you hassles and money in the long run.

Thanks for the advice guys. I do want to learn and have purchased pretty much most of HP courses. I saw there are number of webinars on dyno so looking at them currently.

I spent hours researching and reading link software manual and whilst it is steep learning curve, I enjoy it and don't want to get someone else to do it for me. I like the process of the trial and error. I am not ignoring your advice on getting help from other and partially doing this by asking here whilst researching and doing courses on HP and also youtube

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