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I am looking for information on the Map Based Load Calc Fuel map (VE). Attached picture there are 3 of them. Last one is for an Omni4 bar.

I've been adjusting the High Octane Fuel map to adjust WOT AFR's. Attached picture.

Should I be entering my target AFR into the in to the High Octane Fuel map and adjust the Map Based Load Calc Fuel map at WOT?

The EVO X ecu will only use the lowest value between the MAF and MAP sensors.



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I think I understand what these tables do now. The send the ECU the required Fuel needed based on what the MAP table says. Then the front 02 sensor checks the AFR and sends a signal back to the ECU to correct the fuel if needed. (Closed Loop)

In (Open Loop) instead of the use of the front 02 it uses the high octane map to add or take out fuel.

Does that sound correct?

hi Justnii ~ im using ecuflash but on different cars. I believe the original sensor is narrow band. You need a wideband o2 to read more accurate AFR reading. What you should do is read the manual how tune using ecuflash properly , i believe in the webinars demonstate a similar flashing technique.

A simple method i would like suggest is do datalogging and retune it. I believe you need to purchase

1) Wideband tool (AEM , Innovate or others)

2) Evoscan software for datalogging

Before purchase a wideband tool , please do make sure that Evoscan or any datalogging software capable to read/record your car.

And do understand what does the map tell you during open loop and closed loop system. A close loop system using a feedback ecu sensor and an open loop without it. During open loop, the ecu directly read AFR / Ignition table from the map without giving any feedback to ecu to compensate the value. One more thing, if u add value into the cell with AFR "9" , it doesn't means the AFR reading output on wideband will be AFR9 too, it could be AFR 12 or something else. The data value in ecuflash is reference (a set of equation) , a lot of people get this concept wrong.

I believe few important you need to look into Fuel trim , Short Trim , Knocks and your wideband data. And you are good to go.

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Thanks for the reply holydevil,

The Map based load Table and how to tune it is what I am looking for. The MAF was pretty straight froward, after consulting Andre. I've tuned over 40 EVO's and I have yet to change the Map based load table. What I am thinking here is that there is no need to change it unless you are going for crazy turbo upgrades?

that's kinda dangerous if you tune 40 evo's before without know how ecuflash works (ecu afr and your target afr) similarly with the ignition table. Those are two main table normally a tuner would touch.

Thanks for your reply Holydevil, AFR's and timing are dialed in nicely. I know what the tables do. What I am looking for is how others adjust these tables. In this topic I am looking for advice, and leaning what others know and do with the Map Based Load Cal tables.

All of the cars I have tuned, I have not had to adjust these numbers to get the AFR's dialed in. Timing maps are nice and smooth and no knock present on any of the cars. Most of them are putting down 320 - 360 HP and 300 - 360 TQ.

Hello Justnii,

i think that you should try to put a value to these MAP tables that is close to the load your car sees at the specific boost and RPM.

It is just a thought of mine. I have yet to test it when i get my Evo X back from the mechanic shop. Are you in the boostedforums?

Hi Justnii,

Have you eliminated the MAF or still using it? I am not up to date on EvoX tuning but assume there is a patch that allows elimination of the MAF without any error codes.

If you plan to eliminate the MAF I would do a log before hand and populate a RPM vs MAP vs Load to figure out what load values to put in RPM vs MAP tables.

Unfortunately, there is not a patch to take the MAF out of the car, to the Evo X with a stock ECU. So how can we play with the MAP tables?

Not sure if I can reference other forums here, but I believe the term you are looking for is speed density tuning. Try a google search, there’s tons of write ups on switching the Evo X to speed density.

@Azis, you're more than welcome to reference other forums/sites with links.

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