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FA20 cam timing road tuning

Road Tuning

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Hello HP academy, it's my first question here.

Recentlt,I received my Ecutek programming kit. I just planning adjust MAF sensor scaling, vvt and fuel map by myself first.

Then maybe add few degrees in ignition map.

In the stock cam timing of FA20 there are strange dips in both intake cam and exaust cam at around 3000-4500rpm at high load area

I thought it might affect the engine pumping efficiency by reduce the cam overlay.

So first thing I want to do is interpolate the erratic gap and make the cam timing plot a smoother shape.

Secondly, I'll do a ramp run in 3rd gear on the road than log some parameters like:

engine load

engine speed

intake air temperture

mass air flow

VVT intake/exaust target angle

VVT intake/exaust angle

(remind me if I miss any thing)

After that I'll compare the data to the stock ones then see if there any improvement in mass air flow(g/s) during 3000-4500rpm

Is that a reasonable way to tune my cam timing ?

Thank you in advance

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Do the dips occur around the VTEC switch point? Often there is a need to "match" the torque around that point for smooth power delivery.

Thank for your input David , but I got a subaru BRZ with FA20 engine. Not a Honda K20 with VTEC.

Sorry, I confused it with the F20C used in the Honda S2000.

That testing process should work, you may wish to fabricate an adjustable throttle stop, too, as there may be some variation under different loading, and rpm values.

Same principle applies as David suggested, though, even if it's using different technology.

You will know if you're getting the camshaft timing, and hence cylinder filling, closer to the what the engine demands as it'll lean out a little and require more fuelling, possible require some timing to be pulled, even if it's difficult to pick it up on the road.

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