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Good day,

Noobie in tuning. Understand that NA car are more often than not Knock limited. So will it be safe for me to do a run, check that theres no knock from teh AFR fine tuning. Then slowly increase the timing advance till i hear knock, the retard it by abt 2Deg..then run again to make sure no knock... will this approach work to get max power from teh car and yet be relatively safe?

This technique is effective to a point (and is essentially what we discuss in the course). The important point here is that you may not be knock limited in an N/A engine and in this instance you may end up massively over advanced. If the engine is knock limited then yes, a margin of 2-3 degrees is essential to ensure reliability and knock free operation.

Thanks Andre for the reply:) So am i right to say tht if the engine is 1.) not knock limited 2.) has too much timing advanced... i will start to feel lose in power? or is there any other thing i need to look out for?

Yes, if the engine is not knock limited and you advance until you find knock you will be past the MTBT point and be loosing power.

Andre refers to the EFI fundamentals course in the video regarding ignition timing of this course, it is covered in this video:

Hi guys,

sorry to bring this up, i am tuning on road always, i am using haltech ecus, so in ignition map tuning on road, shall i advance ctrl+a map then i start advancing timing by 1 or 2 ? Or only advance the timing in last 3 rows of load? Regarding the fuel its fine because each run i am datalogging and using o2 input for ease adjusting using quick tune Q. Is there any phone app or device to measure G force each run during tuning ignition map?

For boosted engines i have same question regarding ignition advance, increasing timing at non boost area, then -2 degree per 20kpa??

also if i hire a dyno and its a non eddy current dyno, how to tune ignition on this dyno? Advance all area of the map or only last load area?

i am little confused in this part, what about middle area of ignition map for NA engines and boosted engines also?

thanks in advace

Can you please post a screenshot of the timing map you are looking at and give us a full list of engine specs including compression ratio, any kind of aftermarket camshaft, etc and fuel octane you are running?

There are definitely rules of thumb to help you but if you can post a datalog if you doing a WOT pull and post a screenshot of your timing map it would help a lot.

Dear Arghx7,

thanks for replying

please find attached screen shot of turbo ignition map road tuned

engine is toyota 4efte , 8.5:1 compression, 98octn gasoline,550cc injectors, boost 0.8 bar

any advice and comment will be highly appreciated

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4500rpm and up needs some work in boost. At lower boost you have fixed timing from 4500 up, at higher boost it is advancing but not in a smooth way. Try tsking the 4000rpm advance ans adding a degree every 500 rpm, or even be more conservative and add one degree every 1000 rpm.