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Flat fuel table

Road Tuning

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I am working on my first tune. It is my car - A Toyota Glanza EP91 4efte with a TD04 Turbo and ID725 Injectors. I have a Link G4+ Monsoon ECU. Running on pump fuel.

The fuel table is really flat and I'm really confused. It is also going to higher boost than expected. I have 2 boost tables (one should be 10PSI and the other 20PSI) however, I'm not sure about this as they had been done by a tuner and I still don't know how boost tables work (haven't got to that part of the Link course yet).

I also inputted the info of the ID725 injectors but I was having a problem with the Fuel Table as at idle it was expecting numbers higher than 80%. So I put in the previous injector info I had which had also been inputted by the tuner who had initially tuned my car. I'm trying to work on it myself as the car didn't feel was working as it should.

I am road tuning so I bought the Tuner Nerd Knock Monitor Pro. I tried to set it up but I'm unsure about the configuration. I am getting a lot of knock at around 1500RPM. As I increase speed I don't get knock on 10PSI and car seems to be working ok. On 20PSI I get knock when the car is close to exceeding the wanted boost. As I said I'm still unsure about the settings in the programme.

I entered the Ignition Table for Turbocharged engines from the Practical Tuning course. I still haven't worked much on it though. I saved a pcl file which I can post if anyone can help me out. So confused!

hello please post your map and a log also if possible

Hi Ross, you answered my other post so I will communicate with you there. Thanks

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