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Hi, i am currently working on my own car working with an Hondata s300 and Crome. I am wondering that since these software, you have to disable the knock sensor so the car well run right or won't have a CEL on. If i was to disable the knock sensor, can the knock detection equipment still function or give me feed back that i'm detonating etc? Is it worth buying knock detection equipment?

-sorry if i am putting this in the wrong place.

I'm not too familiar with Crome, I've never used it, but generally if your disabling the knock sensor it will not work for giving you feedback, if you are tuning then you should always use aftermarket knock detection equipment.

Sorry if the question wasn't clear but if i was to disable the knock sensor would the equipment still work?

If your meaning your knock detection equipment then it should be independent of the ECU. Are you tapping into the ECU's knock sensor output?

Hi, which ecu are you using? Unless you are using the p72 ecu then disable the knock sensor. Only this ecu has the additional onboard "knock board" but even so its very limited. You are better off using something like plex knock monitor or knock ears to hear knock and tune it out.

I am using a p28 ecu. So i can actually dont have to disable knock sensor then?

I am not tapping the knock detection to my ecu. I was wondering if it qould still give me a feedback if i disabled it. But if its independent and give me feedback then i will be looking into buying knock detection equipment.

You should disable it. If you dont then you will keep getting a CEL for a knock sensor fault.

The P28 shouldn't be looking for a knock sensor since the OBD I sohc engines didn't use them. If you were using a GSR ecu, or had it added as a function to your p28, then sure.

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