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How good are rb26 knock sensors

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Hi I am going to be road tuning an R32 GTR with a Haltech Platinum Pro. The engine is stock with a just a single turbo setup. Does anybody know how well rb26 knock sensors work with a Platinum Pro? Can I creep up on the timing until I get a bit of knock and then back off or is that a bad idea?

hello the factory knock sensors are not very good and i would recommend renewing them with new bosch ones compatible with the ecu you are using

same question. I just got into Link ECU tuning. on my personal R32 GTR with Link G4X, i've been logging the factory knock sensors.

it gives some kind of feedback, but i have no idea what the numbers represent.

at what number it's really knocking?

at cruising or low load, it's anywhere from 50-100 , at high load it can go up to 200-300

attached a screenshot of a steady state TP log

Have you watched any of the webinars on setting up knock thresholds? Here is the one on the Link G4:


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