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I am using haltech elite 750 on my lexus is250 2jz swap. My problem is that Both air temp and coolant temp always read error codes. They don’t accept any calibrations. Also I tried to erase them, but they did’t. Homever, fuel pressure sensor, on-board map sensor and wb1 all are calibrated, but they didn’t show any reading !!! What is the problem exactly ?

If the IAT and ECT are constantly in error I'd be suspicious that you may have a wiring issue. What is the specific error code you're seeing? Make sure that you've got one side of the sensor wired to a sensor 0V at the ECU header plug and the other side should go to pin 29 (IAT) and pin 30 (ECT).

Have you added a gauge to your tuning page to show your fuel pressure and wideband (MAP should already be displayed).

Codes are P0116 and P0117. I have solved the problem. Sorry, the problem was that I forgot to put the pull-up to enable mode. Another question is : Can we depend on this video for choosing 515 angle as a reference tdc angle for all JZ vvti engines without timing light test ? We suppose here that our timing belt installation is correct. (direct fire ignition and sequential injection are used)


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