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Idle LOPE and timing.

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i saw in the idle tuning module that retarding the timing at idle to around 12-15 deg will make the lope of an aggressive cam shaft profile less pronounced,

i have many people who wish for the cam lope to be as noticeable as possible, is there ways to increase the lope with timing and or mixture that will not damage the engine?

If you have an 'idle ignition control' function in your ECU then you can target very large swings in timing as the idle speed crosses the target point. This can increase the lope of a large cam or even produce similar results on engines fitted with stock cams. Try changing the amount of ignition swing and you'll see the effect on the idle quality. I normally keep the timing within the range of about 0 deg minimum through to about 25-28 deg maximum which should be plenty to generate an aggressive lope.

Thanks heaps Andre :P, have any videos i can reference as an example? youtube link etc?

Sorry I don't actually have anything I can point you to unfortunately.