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Hello I have a question, Tuning the ignition table. I drive an Polo 9n with 1,8T. At the moment I try tune the ignition. My question is, in the moment we have a Temperatur of 8 degree so my inlet air temperature ist between 30-40 degree. In the Summer i think 50-60 or more. Yes I know I need a upgrade fmic. But I’m interesting how I can tune the ignition map with this difference. With the air temperature in this time, I can drive more ignition at in the summer. But where can I tune it, that I’m safe for the summer? If it‘s necessary, I tune and log it on the road.

best regards Oliver

Then the air is cold it is also denser. Denser air/fuel mixture burns faster so less ignition timing is required comparing to warm temperatures. On the other hand hot intake air helps detonation as its temperature raises at the power of 1.4 with detonation threshold around 280-300 C on the pupm gas during compression stroke so again less ignition is needed to prevent knocking. Normally ECU has a table with ignition timing vs air temperature correction where you can adjust ignition timing for both- cold and hot intake air temperatures.

I don‘t know if there is a table for ignition timing, with air temperature correction in the me7.5 but I will look tomorrow. If there is a map for this, should i touch it, or not. If I should touch it, where can I see, which ignition timing I should use If the Inlet air temperature Raise to 60 degree.

In stock ECU that table is already set and does not need to be changed. In aftermarket ECU you definitely want to fill it up unless it comes preset. In that case you change your main ignition timing table respectively to RPM and engine load.

So I can map the car to 102 octan in this time. And the map with ignition to air temperature will correct it in summer? Is it right?

Yes, it is correct.

Thank you

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