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How do you know which numbers to put in the VE Fuel Table before the Initial Startup?

In the Tuning Turbo Engines Table Configuration video it is all set to 68.5, but in the Link G4+ Fuel Modelled Turbocharged video it is all set to 50.0.

I went back to the videos about VE in the EFI Fundamentals course but I'm still confused, and since I have a turbocharged engine I want to be very careful to avoid any mishaps.

If the equation load source is set to "Load = MAP", then typical VE numbers will be around 50-65 at idle and 95-120 at WOT.

Most engines will start and run fine with much larger numbers than required. My usual suggestion is to use the fuel table out of our Monsoon base map as it is a very generic VE shape and will be close enough to start just about anything. If you right-click on the table you can use the export/import function to copy the table across.

Thanks Adam you're always of great help :)

Male sure you set overboost fuel or ignition cut and realistic rev limiter(s) so you don't end up in a map area you don't intend to if tuning progressively from a blank start.

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