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Hey There,

Looking to hook up a Link KnockBlock or a KnockLink G4 light to my engine. I have been using the onboard knock sensor and I want to start using a more effect system. I have not used one so I am not sure where or how it attaches to the engne.


The instructions that come with the Link Knock block are pretty good, have you got it yet as Link have stopped producing them pending improvements.

Everything comes in the box except maybe the Bosch donut style knock sensor, it's been a while since I got mine so I can't remember. It uses a 9volt battery to power it or you can hardwire it into the car and ecu. How are you planning on installing it?

Hey Chirs250,

I have not even ordered one yet. I was looking for advice before I order anything. Andre recommends the Knock Block in his classes. If you or any one have a another good setup I can get a hold of let me know.


When Link announced they were finishing production of the Knock block G4 I bought the Phormula KS4 pro kit, Andre I believe uses the Plex knock monitor. Link also have,as you mentioned, the knock link. This little unit is great as a back up monitor which gets perminantly installed into a vehicle but I wouldn't use it as a tuning tool

just to thread jack slightly.

what is the difference between the KS-4 and the KS-pro?

it confuses me as they are both knock analysers, I thought you could plug head phones into the KS-4 so why do they offer them in a kit together?

the KS-4 on its own is affordable enough for me (hobbyist looking to play with my own car on the road) but if I need both it becomes un affordable....

Same question for me. What I got out of it was the KS-4 is more of a permanent hook up that the KS-pro can plug into. So if I understand it correctly I just need to get is the KS-pro correct if I am doing multiple cars?


You are correct KS-4 is more permanet and visual/audio warning set up with KS-4 you can setup your Frequency Filter

KS-Pro Only Audio amplifier box you can't filter Frequency

I got Pro Tuning Kit contains both it means you can listen and filter the Knock Frequency

Kind Regards


cant you listen for knock on the KS-4?

I have a KS-4 and have been wondering about something since seeing the Plex. The KS-4 lets you set a threshold (target 40% for normal running) and then warns when it hears frequencies over that.

Now, at different lower RPMs then surely there is less engine noise... but if it's set for higher RPMs where things get noisy, will it still be sensitive enough to get knock at lower RPMs?

I'm using in conjunction with The Knock Box (on another sensor) to audibly listen - but still struggling to get confident with ignition advance.

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