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Issues with adding fuel to fix afr of 14.1:1 at WOT

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Currently on a previous tune with my Integra. It had higher compression and a slight overbore on it. I am now running a stock block with lower compression. It runs completely fine no issues other than the fact that it can run a little hot in warm summer days. This prompted me to get an wideband o2 sensor and check the AFR. Got it in and saw that it was a little scary being that I push 14psi and have for quite some time on this setup. So I got Crome to tune with just to adjust the fuel to something a bit safer. The injectors are 660cc and have enough fuel to support it however, when I tried adding fuel to the map in boost it seemed to fall on its face. It didnt like to see anything above 13.9:1 it stumbled into boost and feels jolty seeing any sort of boost. Played with the timing a bit as well to see if it helped with no positive result. I feel as if I am missing something?? It runs perfect at its current setting but if I change anything with fuel or timing even slightly it begins to get fussy. Am I missing anything here? Map was changed from a 3bar to 4bar hondata with no issues on current tune. I have tried changing parameters in the settings to adjust for the new map sensor could this be my issue? Attatched current fuel map as well as ignition to give an idea of where its at.

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Have you got any means to test your fuel pressure?

Also, for screen grabs, press 'print screen' and paste it into any image editing software, save it and post that. Photos of computer screens are really difficult to make out.

You can also upload your map to the forum posts

Yes. I have a pressure gauge reading 52psi idle 55psi under load. Sorry for the crappy pics of the tune. The program isn't on my laptop as if yet. I put it on someone's who knows the program a bit better thats why I took a few quick shots of the tune.

So is this a boosted engine? If so I would seriously look at your fuel system.

Normally you'd set your base fuel to 3 or 4 bar (43.5 or 58 psi), this would be referenced to your manifold pressure so you should be seeing 15 psi on top of your base pressure when your manifold is at 15psi (58.5 or 73psi)

Yes. Sorry should have been more clear. Ill try to look and see if the fuel pressure climbs accordingly under 2-step. The 55psi under load was reffering to me hitting the throttle under the hood. Not full load. I am also going to take a second look at a couple of things in the tuning program.

I'd also be a little suspicious of your wideband reading. It may simply be that your wideband is reading falsely lean. Have you calibrated it? Is it a known wideband that you trust? Do you have anything else you can compare it to?

Other than that I'd second Chris's suggestion and check the fuel pressure is rising in line with boost pressure.

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