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hi any experience with that product good or bad ?

if someone can shere his experience of working with this tool

I've used it and really liked it. I'm going to present a product review at some stage. It's also very well priced.

Glad you asked. Im going to be doing some post about it. Here is what I have currently

Hardware install is just as easy as any other would be IMO. It does require 2 usb ports. so better have a laptop with 3 if your gonna use tuning software at the same time. Software set up is straight forward and comes with great instructions that are not too long. Customer service is outstanding.

Now I am very new to all this and am on a budget. That being said my experience is limited. So I don't understand how to fully use this program but am learning. my favorite part so far is the virtual dyno it comes with. Since im mainly road tuning at the moment(so I can learn the software and not waste time or money on a dyno) this is a great guide.

This is a bmw m52b28 with 260k miles running ms41.2 and stock maps. Wide band reporting lambda 0.89 at richest, 2nd gear pull.

Attached is the virtual dyno log I did today. one with and one without smoothing factor. same log. Im using freeware romraider but am getting more into this and am looking into emulators specifically winOLS and OLS300. Im gonna start asking about that hardware and software soon

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if you can sync with winols tell me first please.

I just pulled the trigger and got Knock monitor pro by tuner nerd and I must say Customer service is on point I didn't even know about the virtual dyno until I read this form so thats pretty dope