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Left foot Breaking

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Hi Andre,

When u were tuning someone elses car on the road did u perform the left foot breaking technique yourself while

tuning particial throttle or did u have the costumer do it?

Since i do road tuning i would like to know how to deal with this because at this moment i just let them drive and fill as much dataloging

as i can and then i make the adjustments but the way u do it will result with a more accurate tuned map.

I tune mostly Honda's on Crome Pro.

Cheers Maylon.

You'll notice Andre used a race track in the video. When I did my car I did it on a deserted road that never had any traffic so I could do it on my own. I have only ever had the help of another person, my father, once. He drove following my instructions while I fine tuned settings and it was mostly done in 1st and 2nd gear (manual gearbox) in order to keep the speed at safe levels. The only time we used 3rd and 4th gear was for very low revs.

Ok i see, well ill be giving them instruction based on what they want with the car daily driven or street/strip car.

If you are using someone else to drive and they have no LFB exp, you really can't rely on them to get where you need correctly. You may have to drive it yourself and just log data instead.

You need to perform the left foot braking yourself. It's a tricky one as you need to be able to view the laptop screen at the same time so that you can vary the braking effort as well as the throttle application to accurately move around the zones. Obviously this can effect your ability to adequately control the car on the road so the key is to take your time and be careful.

It also takes a while to perfect the art of left foot braking. We normally only use our left foot to control the clutch and the level of finesse necessary to left foot brake is quite different.

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