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Link G4+ V5/6 STi fuel cut

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so my car has some mods

and im trying to tune the AFR to target now the car has a stock wastegate but a VF48 turbo

i nailed the AFR target pretty close but at WOT the car bugg at 5500 rpm ( fuel cut ) and the map goes above 220 kpa ? my map sensor is a 3Bar

what should i DO? im lost now

here is the log file attached

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your map limit is set to 252 kpa and you are reaching 242 kpa in that log, the Link software has a default deadband of ~10 kpa, if you go into your map limit settings and advanced settings you can adjust this or just raise your MAP limit by 10-15 kpa while you're tuning

I've circled the parts of your log to show it's activating the limiter within 10 kpa of the limit

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hi Chris

thanks for the reply

what is the map effect if I increased the the limit ??

The way link deal with both MAP and RPM limits is a little unusual in that the soft cut begins prior to the actual value. This catches out quite a few tuners who don't know how this works.

You can either activate advanced mode and set the limit control range to 0 kPa (which essentially creates a hard cut at the limit), or set the MAP limit value slightly above your desired boost cut point, taking into account the limit range.

awesome good to know these tiny things

thanks Andre

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