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MPG's in HPTuners

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Good morning, day, or evening.

I've been working on an 2008 Chevy 2.0 t/c ecotec using HP Tuners and would like to have an idea of what kind of instant MPG I'm getting when reviewing the data logs. My understanding is that there is not a Instant MPG PID for this on my ECU (Bosch), so what would be required to calculate MPGs?

I know MPGs are miles traveled divided by gallons of fuel consumed. But the instant MPGs adds in a lot more variables (weight of the fuel, injector size, RPM, INJ P/W, MPH, and more I'm sure). If someone knows how to write out the equation, I'd love to understand the math.

Thanks guys!

The ecu should have an instantaneous fuel mass or volume channel (if not multiply out the per injection cycle event mas/volume by cylinders and covert engine speed to time base), just divide that by instantaneous speed / mass to volume with assumed density at 55 degrees or whatever you can easily look up.

Unfortunately my ECU does not have the instant MPG PID.

And I'm not quite following you, so I'll need that equation broken down some more, Slides! I'd like to understand the equation so I can implement it with any vehicle.

If I'm understanding you, we need to know the following:

Injector size



# of Cylinders


Weight of the fuel?? (is that what you were referring to by assumed density at 55?)

What order would we put them in?