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Hello my Name is Pedro Rodrigues I'm from Portugal. I´m tuning an all motor B series with an Hondata S300 ecu. This engine is with a compression ratio of 12.1:1 and is running on pump gas (98 RON octane here). I'm running with low ignition advance, I think, it's around 19º/20º at wot and I still get some knock at the monitor. I'm using a gain of 15 and I set the yellow light to flash at 20 knock level and the red at 40 knock level. The truth is that the red light I don't see often but when I do a pull the yellow light flash around 8 to 12 times. My question is: is it the knock level for the yellow light to low? What can I consider medium knock level and high knock level values?

If any one here have experience with Honda B series engines is it normal a 12 CR engine with pump gas runing ''only'' 19º of ignition advance?

Thanks in advance

The warning lights on the Plex are only as good as the base setup and the background noise threshold vs rpm that you set up. Rather than relying on these I strongly suggest that you use the audio output and validate knock that way. While the Plex is excellent, it does require the audio filter to be adjusted to best suit your particular engine and this needs to be done via testing. From my own experience I'd be very surprised if you're encountering real knock at only 19-20 deg on 98 octane pump gas.

Thanks very much for the reply Andre. Best regards

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