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Regarding ECU mapping programs for Hyundai cars

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I'm so glad that I found such place where I can learn about EFI tuing.

As I'm a beginner on this course, I have countless questions but I like to ask only 1question for this time.

Currently I'm using tuned ECU and I like to have a look how it tuned

My cars are Hyundai Tiburon 2.7(01) and Genesis Coupe 3.8 bolted on turbo (09).

What are the programs available and where can I get them?



PS. I searched Q&A forum to ask my question but I couldn't find one. Please let me know if there is one.

Hi Dylan, I'm sorry but at this point I can't help with Hyundai reflashing software. It's not a car that I've had anything to do with and a quick search so far has only revealed a few companies selling off the shelf reflashes for these models rather than the ability to custom program the ECU> Hopefully some of our other members may be able to help.

Hello ,

Bitedit offer some modules supporting some hyundai ecus like continental .

Also ecm titanium support hyundai .

For flashing you will need pcmflash software and j2534 adapter .