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Rising edge vs falling edge

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Does this means you can get the information on your 'Ignition Type' from the coils you are running on your vehicle by means of looking at the coils data sheet or asking the coil's manufacturer?

How would I find out if my ignition system is a falling or rising edge

Example Evo 10

Nearly all modern coils with an ignitor built in and nearly all modern ignitors/ignition modules are falling edge for spark (say last 20 years). The only exceptions that I come across regular are as follows:

1. Hondas from the '90s that had the coil inside the distributor.

2. Fords from the '90s with the TFI ignition system.

3. Older MSD systems originally designed to be driven by points or piggy backed on a factory coil drive circuit such as the 6AL/6A, DIS-2/4 etc.

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